Human Capital Providers Association of Nigeria (HuCaPAN) is the umbrella organisation of registered/licenced recruiters in Nigeria, also referred to as Private Employment Agencies (PEAs). The aims and objectives of the Association, among others, are to develop and promote International Labour Organisation (ILO) Standards and ethical practices in Recruitment, Deployment and Management of outsourced personnel in Nigeria.

The Association was midwifed by the Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA) and the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, with international guidelines from the ILO.

HuCaPAN was established to provide an interface through which government agencies and relevant authorities can consult and relate with providers of outsourced personnel. The Association is a dynamic and highly respected professional body of all Private Employment Agencies (PEAs) in Nigeria. HuCaPAN is registered under the Company and Allied Matters Act 1990. The Association is an affiliate member of the Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA) and it is being registered as an Employers Union.

The Association has a membership strength of over 150 companies distributed across Nigeria. Our members are guided by Employment and Labour Laws in Nigeria, ILO Conventions, and the Code of Conduct for Private Employment Agencies, which was developed with support and technical inputs from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, NECA, ILO; and an Ethics Committee that works with the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment.

Aim and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Association are:

  1. To develop and promote standards and ethical practices in recruitment, deployment and Management of Manpower in and outside Nigeria.
  2. To create linkages among members.
  3. To provide a forum through which members may exchange ideas and information.
  4. To assist one another in conducting professional activities where necessary.
  5. To propagate and canvass passage of legislations beneficial to members.
  6. To enhance the ethics and values of the profession.
  7. To sponsor and conduct meetings, seminars and conferences geared towards enlightening members on the objectives of the Association.
  8. To inform members of legislations, developments and practices relating to recruitment, deployment and management of manpower.
  9. The recruitment of all categories of Manpower.

What we do?

The Association carries out the following responsibilities:

  1. Functions relating to the recruitment, deployment and management of all categories of Manpower.
  2. Liaising with all relevant governmental agencies having oversight functions over labour recruitment and all other related issues.
  3. Liaising with employers, workers organisations and any other organisation or individuals in Nigeria in furtherance of its objectives.
  4. Liaising with international bodies, governmental agencies in furtherance of its objectives.
  5. Acting in an advisory capacity to national and international bodies on all matters relating to labour recruitment, and the Association’s objectives.
  6. All such other activities and functions as will further the course of the Association.


The Executive members of the Association are:

  1. Remi Adegboyega                 –           President
  2. Roselyn Onalaja (Mrs.)         –           1st Vice President
  3. Basil Adimorah                      –           2nd Vice President
  4. Segun Mojeed                        –           3rd Vice President
  5. Anthonette Emedo (Miss)    –           Treasurer
  6. Tunji Balogun                         –           Publicity Secretary
  7. Clem Baiye                              –           Ex-Officio Member
  8. Neye Enemigin                       –           Ex-Officio Member (Past President)
  9. R. Emedo                                 –           Ex-Officio Member (Pioneer President)
  10. Solomon Adebosin                –           Executive Secretary



  • Proof of possession of Recruiters License from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment.
  • Copy of CAC Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certified True Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Certified True Copy of CAC Form C02 and C07
  • Completed HuCaPAN Application Form
  • Reference from two (2) HuCaPAN members (You can contact the Secretariat for this if you have any difficulty).
  • Payment of Relevant Fees. (N10,000 Application Fee. N50,000 Annual Subscription – subject to change at any time as prescribed by the Executive Committee)


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