Membership Services and Benefits

Membership Services and Benefits  
  • Consultancy Services: HuCaPAN offers consultancy services to member-companies at the Secretariat on compliance related issues free of charge.
  • Contract Review: HuCaPAN assists member-companies to review Service Level Agreements and provide professional advice.
  • Processing of Compliance Certificate/Recruiters Licence: For a nominal fee, HuCaPAN processes and obtains ITF and Pension Compliance Certificates and training cost refund for member companies. HuCaPAN assists member companies to prepare and file quarterly returns and also assist to process Recruiters Licence renewal.
  • Capacity Building: HuCaPAN offers Professional development programs and has designed webinar, workshops and instructor led training plan for the year.
  • Insurance Premium Discounts: Member companies benefits significant savings through premium discount on Life Insurance, Fidelity Insurance, and Health Insurance and vehicle Insurance through the negotiated volume discounts.
  • Labour Relations and Dispute Services: HuCaPAN provides industrial relations services and intervene in industrial disputes that involve member-companies.
  • Zone/State Chapters: HuCaPAN establishes zone/state Chapters where the state or zone meets the requirement and application is made.
  • Industry Information: HuCaPAN is a member of the National Employment Council and other relevant industry stakeholder fora. Members receive current, accurate and prompt information about the issues on our industry.
  • Advocacy: HuCaPAN champions the interest of the Private Employment Agencies among all the relevant stakeholders including the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, the National Assembly, the State Boards of Internal Revenue, the Federal Inland Revenue Service, and other statutory and regulatory agencies such as NSITF, ITF, NHF and PENCOM among other.
  • Expansion of Opportunities: HuCaPAN actively engages with the market through NECA and other Employers Associations to stamp-out the engagement of unlicensed companies by the principal companies.
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